Pia Roper-Evans, LCSW Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York City, New York

Romantic Difficulties

Have you ever felt as if your lonely heart will never mend. Does it seem as if you have managed to have a successful career and a successful social life with friends but feel overwhelmed as result of struggles romantically. Do you notice extreme sadness regarding worries and fears of the trajectory of your life in the future?  Do your romantic struggles negatively impact your self-esteem? Does it feel difficult to witness friends transition to new stages in life enhancing frustration and anticipation for you to have the ability to transition as well?

Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, anger, or isolation.  Therapy can be key in working through these feelings and rebuilding self-esteem.

I work with several adults struggling with the subsequent emotional impacts of being void in romantic relationships. We work together to build self esteem and to manage emotions attributed from this void.  We work on discovering the unconscious patterns that lead to vulnerability in areas regarding relationships and meeting others with the pursuit of romance. Our therapeutic work can enhance confidence  and decrease feelings of sadness that will provide assistance moving through life and working towards feeling more satisfied romantically .

In addition to discussing this individually you may benefit from finding support in a group as described below.

Brimful Hearts Processing Group


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