Pia Roper-Evans, LCSW Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York City, New York

Therapy for Parenting

Being a parent is a beautiful and precious gift. Although it is priceless and rewarding;  it can be overwhelming and stressful at times leaving you with feelings of sadness, anxiety and dismay.

Are you having problematic interactions with your child? Do you struggle with maintaining or obtaining a positive relationship with your children? Do you struggle with boundaries, consistency and behavioral control? Do you feel as if you are your child are not in sync?

Our therapeutic work together is geared towards allowing you the space to discuss and assess difficulties surrounding parenting. Our work can help you make life long changes that will forever improve your interactions with your children. Our work  can help with getting to the bottom of what has led to the hiccups you experience in your parenting journey. Break down walls and learn more about yourself therefore opening yourself up to engaging with your children in different ways.

New moms who are struggling with adjusting to the life changes and challenges of parenting are also invited for help. Please reach out and use the therapeutic environment for support and empowerment through this new life change.

Even when your children have become adults sometimes maintaining a relationship can be difficult. If you are experiencing a chaotic or non existing relationship with your adult child I can help you discover some contributing factors as well as teach effective skills to mend those broken relationships.

 Imagine going on an outing with your children feeling completely in control, having no anxiety and enjoying your time together. Our work can also lead to you having increased patience and better communication skills with your children.  

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